Summer Picnic Party Announcement


兰辛华人协会在成功举办了本地区首次大规模的春节联欢活动之后, 我们再一次邀请各位朋友在密歇根夏秋之交、万物丰硕的佳兴时节来参加我们一年一度举办的大型夏季野餐活动。在我们这个华人的大家庭里,大家来自五湖四海, 有来美多年的长者, 有年富力强事业有成的中年朋友,也有正在努力奋斗的青年们和刚刚从国内来求学的年轻一代,还有我们正在茁壮成长的孩子们。虽然远离故土,我们在海外的相聚依然能使大家感受到珍贵的亲情,友情和友爱。所以兰辛华人协会为所有的朋友们安排这个聚会,希望能给大家提供一个新老朋友畅叙相识的平台。


Easy sign-up: 10 seconds!

聚会 时间:11:30 am -4:30p, 8月31日;
地点:Wonch park. 参见Google 地图:Wonch Park on Google Map

Dear Friends,

After our successful Spring Festival earlier this year (click for pictures), the Greater Lansing Chinese Association will host a large picnic event August 31 (Saturday, 11:30 am to 4:30 pm) at Wonch Park, Meridian TWP, MI ( ). We will prepare food, drinks, and many fun activities for kids. We will invite local Chinese businesses to join us as well.

This is a great opportunity for you to meet your old friends after the long summer holiday and make new Chinese friends as so many new students and their family are joining us.

You and your family and friends are very welcome! You are welcome to bring one of your favorite dish to share with others.

We’d appreciate it if you can take less than 1 minute of your time to sign up at: Easy sign-up so we can have a rough estimate of number of people who plan to come. Also if you’d like to become a volunteer for this event and help us with food preparation and activity planning, please send us an email at

Looking forward to meeting you soon,

Greater Lansing Chinese Association

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