Announcement on 2015 Chinese New Year Celebration

Along with other local organizations, GLCA will hold 2015 Chinese New
Year Celebration at Meridian Mall in Okemos on Feb 21, 2015.

This event will be launched by a parade with traditional Chinese
gathering such as lion dance, fashion dress show etc. Performances
including Chinese folk music, solos, dances etc. will be put on the
Center stage in the mall. Along with these activities, there will be a
large diverse of table displays showing typical Chinese cultural
artifacts such as Chinese paintings, calligraphy, paper cut, peking
opera, music instruments, and many games.

Please mark your calendar now and come join us for this special event
on Feb 21st. You will find it is unique, fun, informative, and
definitely enjoyable as well as learning more about Chinese culture.
Stay tuned for further information as we get closer to the event date.


这次活动我们为您准备了丰富多彩的节目。我们专门邀请了本地包括MSU学生各社团的精湛表演和美国中西部享有声誉的文艺团体和个人,传统的歌舞,现代的韵律,美妙的音乐,动情的歌声,将会使您仿佛回到故乡春节的场景;我们广泛征集了本地华人的文化集萃和娱乐收藏,棋琴书画,现场书法,传统服饰,茶艺展示,将会使您如若置身中国文化的氛围;我们特别安排了免费的医疗和咨询服务项目,中医问诊,骨科矫正,家庭医疗,牙科建议,法律帮助,报税讨论,会计事务,将会给您的健康和生活提供更多便利; 另外,本次大联欢将为所有观众及参与人员提供抽大奖的机会,我们华协为您准备了丰富而高品质的奖品包括本地各大中餐馆的礼券,电视机以及苹果公司的Ipad等。我



1:30 – 6:00 pm, 2015年2月21日

Center Court, Meridian Mall


1:30 – 2:00 pm 舞龙舞狮 隆重开场
2:00 – 4:00 pm 舞蹈歌曲 现场表演
4:00 – 6:00 pm 文化展示 咨询服务





List of sponsors and partners:

PNC Bank

Lansing Community College

Chinese Association of Greater Detroit

Meridian Township Economic Development Corporation
Meriden Township Parks and Recreation Department

Confucius Institution at Michigan State University Bank

Cedar River Insurance Agency

MSU Office of International Students and Scholarsoiss

MSU Asian Studies Centerasia

Dine at Homedhdel

Terry Lasky Associate Broker Coldwell Banker Hubbell Briarwoodcbhb


GLCA had its first rehearsal of the gala:

The 2015 Greater Lansing Chinese New Year Celebration Gala will be held on Feb. 21 at the Meridian Mall, in order to greet the arrival of annual Spring Festival, which is the most important festival in Chinese culture. The Greater Lansing Chinese Association (GLCA) begins the preparation of the Chinese New Year Event.

On Feb. 8, GLCA had its first rehearsal of the gala. Except hosts, fashion show models, taiji players, Extreme Hiphop Crew dancers, and Tea Ceremony Club performers were present. Even if this was only a rehearsal, they brought a wonderful visual festival.

Julie Jiang, the chair of the GLCA, said that it was the third time they held a gala in Meridian mall.

“Lansing is the capital of Michigan, so I want to combine surrounding cities work together to hold the gala, celebrating our Chinese New Year. Last year, we worked with Ann Arbor, and this year, we work with Detroit. ” Julie said, “and I also think it is a great way to spread Chinese culture and influence Americans. I won’t change the forms and processes of the Chinese New Year Celebration, because I want people to get used to it and know it is what Chinese New Year looks like, so that they would not be confused.”

Qing Zhang, a Michigan State University student majored in Journalism, was the model of fashion show. This was the second time for her to attend Greater Lansing Chinese New Year Celebration Gala. When talked about why she wanted to attend this activity, she said it was coincidence.

“Last year when I dress rehearsal for MSU Spring Festival gala, Julie selected some girls to do the Qipao show, I was one of them. I thought it was really interesting, and decided to attend again.” Qing Zhang said.

She chose a song called Blue and White Porcelain as the background music was because this song was very Chinese style and retro, and it might drive foreigners want to know more about China.

This Qipao show, will performance at the gala, vividly displayed Chinese classical women’s elegance, affectionate and charm. Furthermore, it also conveyed the beauty of Chinese traditional dress.

Not like the fashion show, Extreme Hiphop Crew dancers display their glamour in another way. The girls are dynamic and ardent. People who are interested in Hip-hop will enjoy this dance.

In order to show the best side at the Greater Lansing Chinese New Year Celebration Gala, Extreme Hiphop Crew members try their best.

“It is pretty tired. We practice every day and don’t have time to have a meal. Not until 11, we won’t go home. ” Vincy, a member of Extreme Hiphop Crew, said. “I hope audiences will like our performance.”

It is kind of an evidence that American culture also impacts Chinese students. Chinese travel across the ocean to study here and live there. As time goes by, both cultures have already combined while we are not noticing. And the Greater Lansing Chinese New Year Celebration Gala is the product of two combined cultures.




tickets: http://www.musichall.org or call 313-887-8501
More information on Ticket Sale Rules

从2015年二月起到八月止为MSU中国年,期间将有一系列出自国内艺术家、电影制作作家及学者的作品展出,包括电影、音乐、表演、讲座等等。 中国年意在向MSU校园展现中华文化,并帮助来自中国的留学生们融入校园及周边社区。以下为:


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